“Paint the Town” has a somewhat different meaning to Jodi McGregor, an artist recently established in St. George. She has already painted some of the town and hopes to leave her mark on many more homes and businesses.

Jodi has enjoyed her instruction and extensive schooling in the art history. She is basically self-taught in her techniques of painting, drawing and leans toward realism. She has over 20 years of painting experience, having done mostly portraits using oil paints as her medium.

She has studied art in France, and has visited many museums, not only in France but in Italy, Switzerland, New York, and Los Angeles.

Jodi has many works located in Las Vegas hotels such as Mandalay Bay, Circus Circus, Luxor and the Monte Carlo Hotel. Whether you are looking for simple or extravagent, Jodi’s unique style will give personality and a classic look to your home.

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